Elevated Life Academy began with a vision to help individuals heal trauma, achieve post-traumatic growth, and lead elevated lives. We are dedicated to building a conscious community and invite healers worldwide to share their gifts. Through transformative courses and a supportive network, we guide you on a journey of healing and growth. Join us to elevate your life and the world around you.

About the Founder

Cherie Lindberg, founder of Elevated Life Academy, is driven by an unwavering passion for teaching and an inspiring mission to cultivate a vibrant, conscious, supportive community.

Her journey to create this academy was ignited by a profound desire to share her wealth of knowledge and the transformative wisdom of the healers she has encountered.

With a steadfast dedication to nurturing both professional growth and personal elevation, Cherie champions the extraordinary power of community and connection, bringing people together to share their unique gifts and uplift one another.

In a world marred by loneliness and emotional disconnection, healers from around the globe at Elevated Life Academy provide life-changing tools to confront these challenges head-on.

At Elevated Life Academy, we believe in the untapped power within each of us—an inner spark of divinity waiting to be unleashed.

The academy's programs will feature teachers, healers, and wisdom keepers from a variety of backgrounds, all dedicated to guiding individuals in cultivating inner strength. They provide skills and practices that not only foster healing but also deepen our connections with ourselves and others. These offerings are more than just lessons—they are gateways to unlocking the boundless potential within, leading to lives filled with purpose, joy, and profound fulfillment.

Join us on this journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Reignite the fire of transformation within your practice with Elevated Life Academy's cutting-edge techniques.

  • Earn CE credits as you immerse yourself in Brainspotting Phase 1 and Phase 2, unveiling limitless healing potentials for both yourself and your clients.
  • Explore the art of Mindful Co-regulation in Relationships, where you will master the profound skills of attunement and presence, enriching every connection in your life.
  • Dive into the depths of Parts work, allowing you to journey deeper as a practitioner and guide your clients towards profound healing.

Are you ready to empower your practice, amplify your impact, and embrace a journey of professional growth and empowerment?

Reach out today to discover how you can elevate your practice!