14: Exploring Holistic Healing with Sound, Light Language, and Quantum Energy with Kari Usleman

14: Exploring Holistic Healing with Sound, Light Language, and Quantum Energy with Kari Usleman

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    In this enlightening episode, Dr. Kari Usleman, a dedicated holistic wellness practitioner specializing in trauma healing through mind-body-soul integration, shares her captivating journey into the realm of alternative healing. From her early sensitivities to energies to her transformative experience with cranial sacral therapy following a severe back injury, Dr. Usleman's story is a testament to the profound impact of holistic modalities on one's healing journey.

    Dr. Usleman guides listeners through the diverse modalities she incorporates, from the gentle touch of Reiki to the deep release of somatoemotional work, and the cutting-edge realm of quantum biofeedback. She recounts her personal battle with Lyme disease, shedding light on the empowering effects of alternative treatments such as the Amp Coil, dietary shifts, and lifestyle adjustments. Emphasizing the significance of creating safe, supportive spaces for clients, where healing is nurtured through listening, understanding, and empowerment, Dr. Usleman invites listeners to explore their own intuitive abilities and discover the transformative potential of holistic wellness.

    In a captivating exploration of healing beyond the physical, Dr. Usleman introduces listeners to the concept of working with holograms, harnessing the vibrational potency of sound, and the mysterious language of light. These ethereal tools become pathways to transformation and restoration. Dr. Usleman concludes with a mesmerizing sound healing activity, listeners are encouraged to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery, trusting their inner wisdom to illuminate the path to wholeness and well-being.

    Tune in to this enriching episode as Dr. Kari Usleman expands our understanding of healing modalities, inviting us to trust the wisdom within and embrace the transformative power of holistic wellness.Want to know how you can begin your journey to hope and healing? Visit Elevated Life Academy for classes and free resources for personal development and healing.






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    [00:00:39] Cherie Lindberg: Hi everyone, this is Cherie Lindberg and this is Elevated Life Academy. I hope that you're enjoying Stories of Hope and Healing where I am talking to healers all over the world.

    We want to give you an alternative to the regular medical model. We want to share stories and different healing methods from all across the world. I'm being joined by Dr. Kari Usleman. Good morning. Thank you so much for joining us.

    [00:01:49] Kari Usleman: It's so nice to be present with you this morning, Cherie. Thank you for inviting me.

    [00:01:55] Cherie Lindberg: Yeah, you're so welcome. So just a little bit about Kari and I, we worked together, what, like 15 years agoat a group practice. And I just found, Your ability to be open to alternative ways of healing really inspiring and it helped me be inquisitive and curious because I had no idea some of the things that you were doing.

    So I'm excited to have you here and share because it sounds like there's even more since I've been able to connect with you that you've traveled even further into different ways of healing.

    [00:02:31] Kari Usleman: Okay. Well, as you said, I'm Kari and I have a holistic wellness practice located in Oshkosh.

    I also work with people virtually. I'm doing that more and more. And really Cherie, what I do is I work with people so that they can feel better, heal from trauma holistically. And when I say holistically, that's, we hear this a lot, but truly it's mind, body, and their souls, so that they can move forward and live with joy and start thriving in their lives.

    And I do that one on one and I'm starting to speak to groups of people to inspire that within the group that I'm speaking to. I've had my practice. I started in 07. I think we met a few years after that. So I've been practicing for Over 17 years now and I, I keep adding.

    When I work with people, I'm truly a weaver. So I, I listen with presence from my heart and from that shared space, so much information comes forth to help the flow of the session and every session is unique, and I never know what's going to happen until it does.

    Well, I know when I'm in your presence. that you are really letting your intuition guide you in the moment.

    [00:03:52] Cherie Lindberg: And that's a beautiful thing to see. We talk about that, like helping people learn to trust their intuition, trust their inner wisdom. And I really see that a lot with the work that you do. Can you share a little bit about your story and how you came upon this path?

    [00:04:09] Kari Usleman: Yes, thank you. And thanks for seeing that piece of me.

    I think I was born sensitive. When I was a little girl, I always knew, I always knew how people were feeling and what they were sensing. And I've had to learn to manage that there's so many sensitive people on the planet. And I think our culture does not support people and how to deal with those sensitivities.

    And sometimes you think you're crazy or you can get overwhelmed and feel anxious from the energies just around you. And that was me when I was little and for a while I blocked it because that was all I knew how to do. I just like blocked it and I shut it off and then I cultivated again probably in my late twenties.

    I had a pretty significant back injury. Maybe it was my early thirties when I recultivated this, but it took me over a year and a half to walk again. And through that journey, I was exposed, re exposed to Reiki and cranial sacral therapy and somatoemotional release. I never thought I'd be doing any of those, which I do all of those now. And it was through the cranial work truly in the somato emotional release that the pain that was trapped in my cells was transformed. The holding pattern was released. So it came back, all my tissue came back into balance. And what I realized also is that I was storing fear. It was a subconscious fear in my lumbar spine at the time.

    I was in a not so healthy relationship. And I didn't want to see that. I didn't want to acknowledge that. So it landed in my back and it was a severe injury and a profound wake up for me and it exposed me and introduced me to other ways of healing, processing emotion and transforming pain. So that was kind of a beginning.

    And prior to that, when I was in grad school I went to a wellness fair and my back was out at the time again in this person just put their hands on my back for five minutes. And I had no pain for six months. It was such a blessing and, and they were doing Reiki and I'm like, I'm going to learn how to do that.

    And so I did and I, I went through level one, two, three and became a Reiki master teacher and like the mid nineties, mid nineties somewhere. So that kind of catapulted me. And when I had my cranial work done with my back injury, I grew up Catholic and there was, there was nothing like past life or different life.

    And I started getting all of these images and memories of different soul experiences. And I thought I was losing my mind, but I was just remembering. I was just remembering and with the guidance of my craniosacral therapist and others who were helping me at the time. That piece of my awareness expanded. And I'm so grateful. So I know that that injury happened to wake me up. Oftentimes, The traumas we go through do wake us up. They have that opportunity. So I started my journey with an injury, severe injury that introduced me to cranial sacral therapy and somatoemotional release.

    So that's a modality that I offer. I was trained through the. Upledger Institute. And it really it's a profound way to, to go in and release these trap stored patterns in the cells and the soft tissue in the body, whether they're emotional or physical. So that's something that I love to do that. That's modality.

    I typically do in person, but I have been experimenting working in people's holograms with quite profound results. So that feels exciting.

    My boys were little, the doctors are like, yeah, nothing's wrong with you. And I, I remember finally going in and I'm like, I'm not leaving here until you figure out what's happening with me. So not only did I have. Hashimoto's hypothyroidism. It was the first time they did a full panel test. I also had Epstein Barr raging in my system.

    So, things like that, you just get pushed along in the system. And so another thing that I offer and that I was introduced to that identified those things right away is quantum biofeedback. I sat down with this woman in different town at a different wellness fair. And within a matter of five minutes, She told me about my thyroid the disc in my back and Epstein Barr virus.

    I'm like, how do you know that? She's like, your body's telling me. They're in like the top 10 stress reactions in my device. And so the hair stood up on my arm and I can remember my Reiki master teacher saying, Kari, you're going to continue being hit by the cosmic two by four until you listen. I'm like, Oh, this is a sign.

    So I bought this device. It was like 25, 000. I took a second mortgage out of my house and I trusted the universe and I stepped in and ever since I chose that the doors have opened so easily for me. But that was profound. That was profound when I sat next to this woman at this wellness fair and she told me what doctors took 10 years to tell me.

    So I don't diagnose anything, but that device is remarkable in detecting stress. So it helps me help others with their stress and their pain from a entrainment aspect and repetition because biofeedback you need to repeat to establish a new pattern. So that experience introduced me to biofeedback, which I stepped into.

    And as I journeyed forward, again, my body ached. I had so much pain. My vision was affected. I couldn't stand bright lights or anything loud. I was 48 at the time. I'm almost 60 now. So it was 48. And the doctor told me there was nothing wrong. I was getting old at age 48. And I'm like this is not an acceptable response. No. And so I went to an alternative MD who did some testing. And they did a line down in standing up blood pressure, which I had never received before, and they were 40 points different, which led them to do an EKG. I had a huge spike in my heart, so the Lyme was in my heart.

    I don't feel Western medicine really acknowledges that there, there're good doctors everywhere, right? There are, but I was not acknowledged or seen, or that piece was not addressed for me. And then there was blood work, very specific blood work. And when I got that blood work back, the doctor I saw said, I don't even know how you're functioning because the numbers are so high.

    And I think the reason why I was functioning as well as I was is I choose to have a very vibrant lifestyle, even though I wasn't feeling vibrant. Then I was into organic and I still am organic food and taking a few supplements. And I know that that went a long way. I also changed my relationship.

    So I was in a space where my surroundings were more peaceful for myself. And from the journey with Lyme I learned more about different herbal protocols for Lyme different lifestyle changes, getting rid of gluten, remediating the gut from glyphosate, which is Roundup, which is sprayed on almost all of our food.

    And you even have to be careful when it's organic. So those are pieces of the story. And then the technology that really helped me overcome Lyme and still keep it in balance to this day is a device called the amp coil and it's, it uses a modified Tesla coil and sound slash frequencies.

    So sound carries vibration and every pathogen, every disease, every organ, everything that's healthy has a frequency pattern. And what a frequency device does is it takes the imbalance pattern and it reminds it with a balance pattern to neutralize and bring the body back into balance.

    And so that's what the coil did for me. And after using that device for about six months, I can remember waking up and I'm like, Oh my gosh, the light coming through the windows doesn't bother my eyes. And I can be in a room in the house with the TV on in another room and I don't get agitated. I mean, that's how sensitive I was, Cherie, like it was bad.

    Yeah, so I've journeyed and I Have worked on healing myself, I've incorporated all sorts of modalities. I never thought I would be in holistic wellness, but here I am. I taught for 15 years and I, I worked with non native English speakers and refugees and people in the community, like through the Boys and Girls Club. And I, I, I loved that work. And even to this day, it's all about empowering, uplifting. What can we do? What can we share? What tools are out there? So people can really become more conscious of their choices and transform their lives and their trauma and come back online.

    And so I get to share what I've learned in my journey with the people that I supported to help them really heal and transform where they are from the time they sit down the first time or we talk on zoom to some point in the future.

    So I know I've talked about the cranial sacral therapy and the quantum biofeedback. This past little bit of time here, I became certified in a modality, a way of healing called minefield repatterning. And it's a form of quantum dowsing, and it's truly, oh my gosh, so remarkable that in such a very short period of time, it can pinpoint whatever somebody comes to work with me on, like pinpoint the core, and we can go across time and space.

    So sometimes that piece can be in our timeline. So we have linear time in planet earth. So it can be from the future and it can be from the past. And I have started asking if it's in this galaxy and sometimes I get a no. So I work multidimensionally with people and this minefield repatterning way of supporting transformation addresses those spaces.

    And once these patterns are identified using a pendulum creating a zero point field, you collapse the energy of that patterning into pure light and then fill all those voids with love and peace and whatever is needed at the time. And There are ways to look and, and discern very quickly the soul curriculum, the key physical things that are in balance, the core, they're like 18, 000 different emotional triggers and like within a minute. It's like 123, they're just right there.

    And every time I do this with people and I say, this is what's coming up as a trigger. They're like, yes, yes. It's so spot on that's what makes it fun and we can bring in spiritual helpers and different dowsing charts. And so I studied that over the course of a year and became certified.

    And for me, it's not always about the certification. It's about the in depthness that you get from continuing with the education of the modality you're studying. And then another beautiful way that I've been integrating more recently is called star magic healing. And it's a very powerful way to work with people to dissolve patterns and blockages in the body using lights and codes.

    And with that Modality, I work in people's holograms and I can bring up multiple holograms and I know that's probably sounds very out there, but it's so real. And I had a woman that I worked with in December, and she had nerve damage on the bottom of her feet so severely.

    And that happened five years ago, that she had to take Gabapentin every night to go to sleep. And after we worked together she contacted me two weeks later and she said, Kari, I only had to use gabapentin once and my nerve pain is gone. It's completely gone. I worked with her on a zoom call. She lives in a different state.

    I brought up her hologram and whatever came in we worked on. Sometimes there's a color. Sometimes there's an object or you remove something. I don't know it might even look like a tube Here's another example. I Worked with somebody recently. I didn't know that she was in a car accident with a concussion But when I worked on her I saw this tube Going from her right eye out to the left out the back of her head through the occipital area. And it was causing pain. It was red. It wasn't supposed to be there. So when I do this, my star magic healing, I always ask, please show me something I don't know about this person to offer healing. And that's what I saw. I saw many things that that stands out for me. And I'm like, okay, so what am I supposed to do with this tube?

    Let's turn the color from red to a blue, so it cools it down. All right. And so eventually that tube was cleared and it was pulled out and I was telling her what was happening and she was bawling. And after she said, Kari, I didn't tell you, but I had this concussion in a car accident and I've had pain there ever since. And I don't have it right now. It's gone. And so those are the kinds of things that transform using star magic healing, and minefield repatterning is, similar in that we work in this zero point field where there's all sorts of possibilities. And it's just really fun. People have these very impactful traumas and situations.

    And when we can work in a field of neutrality of all possibility, it creates a lightness which transfers into the shared field. I hope that makes sense.

    [00:19:07] Cherie Lindberg: Well, it would be good maybe to talk about this a little bit more because that's the direction we're going. And there's not a lot of people that understand how quantum physics is helping us understand the ability to use frequency, the ability to use sound and then biofield healing is what you're talking about.

    Yes. The field that we create when we're with another. This is all that energy that people think is woo woo, but science is starting to measure it now and be able to see it now. And what we're also finding is a lot of ancient traditions, like when you talk about light codes. That sounds like the Peruvian shaman I just did a podcast with, where he's talking about that there are codes that can help the body and the brain heal.

    So it doesn't surprise me, but our listeners may be like, what? So if you could talk a little bit more about the hologram and maybe the field with which we create, that would be great.

    [00:20:11] Kari Usleman: Okay. So, Cherie, you mentioned biofield. The human biofield is our energy field, and it extends like six to eight feet all around us.

    And there are ways to measure that. You can measure it through Kirlian photography. And the quantum sciences are evolving and there is more tangible research in those fields all the time. So the quantum biofeedback device that I use is steeped in research in quantum physics in quantum chemistry, quantum physiology. There's different realms that are having more validity through the research that's happening. And there are ways to measure that are also coming more mainstream. And I can't tell you what they are outside of the Krillian photography for the biofield, but I've looked at different research studies.

    I was just looking at something yesterday where You can put electrodes on plants and trees and hear their sounds. It's so beautiful and the same thing you could put when I work with biofeedback, I'm putting it's not an electrode, but it's a strap that works with the person's meridians the energy highways and the body when I do biofeedback, when it's in person, it can be done virtually as well.

    [00:21:35] Cherie Lindberg: Yeah, I know there's an organization out there called chi. org and this is what they're doing is they are researching the biofield, and they're proving that Reiki works. They're proving that the energy healings, some of these things have been around for a very long time now, and we're just starting to give them credit.

    [00:21:56] Kari Usleman: There's more research with acupuncture, for example. So that's been around for thousands of years and it works. And the more we can show it works for the human mind that is conditioned to be logical. It's very helpful. But if we think of prayer, for example, there's so many people that pray and they know that it works.

    So how do you measure prayer, and like the Heart Math Institute is beautiful with their research with the heart mind connection. I like to mention prayer. I think that is a place where people can see, Oh, our thoughts are heard. I'm trying to think of some other things that might be good examples based on what you asked me.

    [00:22:41] Cherie Lindberg: Well, what about holographic? Talk more about that. Because you're saying that you're able to pull up someone's holographic. Can you talk more about that?

    [00:22:49] Kari Usleman: I I can talk about it a little, probably not from a scientific perspective, but when I pull up a person's hologram. I will state their name three times, and I visualize them in an orb, a hologram, and it's kind of like the sci fi movies or series. I think of Star Trek and working in a sphere where the person is in the middle, but I can visualize that.

    And when I visualize that hologram I can see different things. So one of my gifts is vision. And like I mentioned earlier, I could see that tube in my client's brain. Sometimes I'll see like a spear and I'm like, well, how did that get there? But I, I see things in that space where it's a virtual space. Maybe that helps if I use the word virtual space with a hologram. So they're not literally there yet. All of their energy is there to work with. And as a seer, as I look at their body and their form within that space, it reveals what needs to be returned to balance. And that can be things that need to be removed, like that tube.

    Sometimes I will see the human form, like graph paper, and the lines can be not taught as they should be. So straightening out the lines and forming the little perfect squares helps bring a person back into balance. So I know I'm not speaking about the science, but I'm speaking about the technique.

    [00:24:19] Cherie Lindberg: Yeah. What it reminds me of is a form of medical intuition.

    [00:24:24] Kari Usleman: I'm versed in the quantum sciences of the modalities I use, so I've studied a lot. I have so many different certifications, yet when I work with somebody, it's my internal knowing that drives the session. And then I leave. Protocol.

    [00:24:41] Cherie Lindberg: Right. I mean, I've shared on this podcast about brain spotting and, we're still working on, of course, making that completely evidence based so that, like you said, the conditioned mind will start to open up and realize that it's a healing method.

    And sometimes, unfortunately, we have to do that. But one thing that we talk about in brain spotting is that there's one to four quadrillion, it might even be six quadrillion connections synapses in that brain. And it's a genius. How could it not be? That's more than all the stars in the universe.

    And that's inside of our head. So it's got to be a more accelerated way of using that supercomputer to help us heal that we just haven't come into consciousness with yet.

    [00:25:26] Kari Usleman: Right, and it's happening. And when you speak of codes and you speak of the brain as a computer, those codes are like a USB stick that help reprogram the brain just like brain spotting does, right?

    Maybe you'd use a different word, but it's really almost rewiring, helping calm those heightened areas where we're triggered by something that reminds us of a trauma. And all of these things offer a way to reduce that trigger response and calm it down. So hopefully it doesn't even exist anymore, but it does require wanting to shift it and also knowing that there are different ways to shift it and then being conscious of monitoring oneself. Oh, oh, like I just got triggered. What just happened? So let's reel that in and then we can work on that some more on a deeper level.

    [00:26:23] Cherie Lindberg: It's so layered in there.

    I often when I teach I talk about how All these different healing methods are keys to unlocking the physiology. And sometimes one person might need this key, And another person might need that key. And so that's why we need all these healing methods.

    [00:26:40] Kari Usleman: Yeah, I love the word keys, Cherie, and it's true.

    [00:26:44] Cherie Lindberg: Yeah, every everyone's different and unique and people need different keys for different things and the timing and the readiness. I know it took me a very long time. And you and I have had a relationship for a very long time. I've come in and you've supported me, but I remember seeing things and feeling things and being really scared and not trusting and not trusting my own intuition and my own wisdom because it was outside the norm, right?

    When we are unfamiliar with something or it's outside what society says is the norm, we think we're crazy or it's weird because it's unfamiliar instead of honoring that beautiful wisdom and intuition that we all naturally have, but it's conditioned out of us.

    [00:27:32] Kari Usleman: It is conditioned out of us. And it's beautiful that you have this podcast to educate people on different alternative ways for healing and addressing trauma.

    And also letting them know that what they're experiencing isn't crazy. It's just part of who they are. It's another sense. It's a sense that's coming in that's oftentimes not acknowledged. But more and more these other senses are being acknowledged. And it's so important to know how to manage the overload of information when it first comes in. I know with many people I work with, if we can just say, thank you for the information. I don't need to feel it in my body, that usually is enough.

    I don't need to feel it. Or maybe they do just a simple breath process where they breathe all the support from the earth up through their body into their hearts and they breathe down through their crown support from God into their heart space and the connection and the groundedness from the earth and the expansion of their soul to all that is combined in the heart center and then they can exhale it and form this beautiful, I don't, I don't necessarily want to call it a buffer, but it's, it's a field around them. So they create their own safe space.

    [00:29:00] Cherie Lindberg: It's a resource that we can learn to access and harness for our own healing. And all of that information that you're talking about when we cannot be in a fear place and we can be more in a curiosity and a receiving place. It really is guiding our healing, like our brains and bodies and our souls seek healing. We want to move towards healing naturally, but because of what we've learned growing up in this world, we block that stuff.

    [00:29:28] Kari Usleman: We do tend to block that stuff and then we become sick. Yes, exactly.

    [00:29:33] Cherie Lindberg: So as we're getting to wrap up here, you said something about doing a little activity. Would you like to do that?

    [00:29:40] Kari Usleman: I would love that. I have another thing that has kind of come in for me is sound. I use singing bowls and tuning forks. Sound is vibration. If we think of the opera singer singing and shattering a glass sound can transform an imbalance pattern in the body. And I would say probably for at least 10 years, I've been hearing tones when I work with my clients.

    It's evolved into speaking the language of light and that comes in sometimes too. And at first, I was resistant, but as I felt safe with certain clients and I sang or tone or spoke again, the feedback was that was really helpful and it shifted. So I just do it now.

    And I actually went and took some training with Jamie Price in Sedona on light language. I think in 2018 and that really helped anchor everything I was experiencing. So I help people with that too. I do little classes from time to time, but I thought I would share my singing bowl and I hope it comes across okay sound wise. And I have my bowl and we'll just see what comes in. The sound and words that are coming in are here to help support and anchor the courage within you to be and express your truth.

    And it also softens the trauma layers of not being seen and whatever else it might do for you.

    And I hear a song first.


    And that breath work is just helping dissolve, whisper away some layers. And then the words are these. To support you exactly where you are right now.


    [00:32:19] Cherie Lindberg: Hmm. I wish we could hear it. It's kind of coming and going, but oh, I can, when I hear it, whatever is happening is absolutely beautiful.

    [00:32:29] Kari Usleman: Well, thank you. You know, sometimes the zoom doesn't capture it, but I'm recording a meditation CD with Dennis Falk, who is local. He's helping me and I have one track that I can send you.

    And I think it'd be very, very supportive to your listeners as a resource. I would love to share that.

    [00:32:49] Cherie Lindberg: I would love that. And if you can please, for our listeners, would love any links to all the different information that you shared today, that would be lovely as well, so that they can connect to some of the resources that you offered.

    [00:33:04] Kari Usleman: I will do that for you, Cherie. I'll make sure you get some links to some resources.

    [00:33:09] Cherie Lindberg: Thank you. And can you just talk a little bit more as we're wrapping up here about the light language? It just sounds so beautiful.

    [00:33:18] Kari Usleman: Yes. So we all have, I feel in us, this connection to other realms of our soul, the light expressions of who we are and That has sound and frequency and language.

    And I would put it in the category of multi dimensional ways of tapping into our souls. And it comes through in melodies. It comes through in words. It comes through in movement. It can come through in drawing. So as I have expanded this awareness within myself, I find myself singing, it feels like, almost like an other dimensional lullaby.

    And when the light comes in in language, it contains codes. When people listen to it repetitively, like if I do a recording, I'll do soul signatures for people and soul drawings where when they listen and they gaze at the image, it goes deeper and deeper as they're ready for more balance to return and wisdoms to unlock.

    And I just encourage people if they're in a quiet space, maybe meditating or even walking, if they start hearing something, just start producing it in their voice. Just make the tone and see what happens. Or if you're drawing, you might have symbols appear on your page. I did over 10 years ago. I had no idea I was writing light language until I took that class. So I feel it's there for everybody and we can choose to cultivate it if we want to. And it, and it produces in multiple ways.

    [00:35:08] Cherie Lindberg: And I have recently seen symbology of the light language. And there's some kind of resonance in my body when I look at that symbol with the different symbols.

    So this is where that trusting your inner wisdom and your intuition comes from and bypassing some logic, right?

    [00:35:30] Kari Usleman: Bypasses all logic. Yes, there's no logic. It's just, it's an allowing. So I like to use the word allowing. You allow what is flowing through to come into your field.

    And the allowing requires trust that anything that flows through is a divine love frequency and God consciousness. That is it. I'm always clear that anything that flows through is a pure love and pure light.

    [00:36:00] Cherie Lindberg: Well, thank you so much for spending time with us this morning and sharing all your beautiful gifts and all your different stories about your client's healing.

    And I for one have to say, I'm so happy that you listened to your intuition and that you ended up in holistic healing and alternative medicine because we need grounded folks in that area who are confident and calm and role models for others. To help ground them because I know when people come to me that are in need of healing and they're ungrounded, they need that caring, loving support, grounded presence and compassionate witnessing, so they feel seen and heard.

    [00:36:40] Kari Usleman: Yes. Grounded presence. Compassionate witnessing. They're so important and so many people don't feel heard or seen. And to be able to hold that space, that is transformative in and of itself. Somebody is actually listening to me. They're not on their computer or their phone.

    They're looking at me and listening and I know now I can trust this space. And when that space is cultivated like that, so much happens. And people do heal. They can actually heal in that space. As you know, Cherie, you've helped me too along the way. And your work is wonderful, extraordinary in terms of how it helps transform and settle the mind. So I really appreciate all that, all that you do, all that your offer all that you're sharing in the world. It matters and you're making a beautiful difference.

    [00:37:40] Cherie Lindberg: Thank you. And thank you for being on the path with me.

    [00:37:43] Kari Usleman: Yes, we are on the path.

    [00:37:46] Cherie Lindberg: Yeah, we need as many healers to shine their light as possible out there, right?

    [00:37:51] Kari Usleman: Yes, we do.

    [00:37:52] Cherie Lindberg: Well, thank you for your time today. And I know there's going to be more. That's all I'll say to that. I know there will be more. We will meet again and maybe we'll end up having an additional recording.

    Let's see where the adventure takes us, huh?

    [00:38:05] Kari Usleman: We'll see where it takes us. Thank you so much, Cherie.

    [00:38:08] Cherie Lindberg: Thank you, Kari.