5: The Healing Journey of a Peruvian Healer with T'ito Q'osñipa Kuntur

5: The Healing Journey of a Peruvian Healer with T'ito Q'osñipa Kuntur

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    Interested in how we can incorporate ancient wisdom into modern healing practices?

    T'ito Q'osñipa Kuntur, an Inti Yaya and Inka Hamawt'a from Pomacanchis and Cusco, Peru, is the founder of Escuela Solar Inka. He is a solar priest and a carrier and guardian of the sacred knowledge of the Tawantinsuyu. He is a master teacher, healer and author whose life and work is dedicated to transmitting sacred ancestral knowledge, ceremonies and rituals, which includes the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Return of the Inkas, the children of the sun.

    Tito shares his experiences and teachings as a healer who works with living energy, based on the Peruvian traditions. He shares stories from his life, including an insight into how he became a healer and what that journey involved. Tito delves deep into the concepts of energy exchange, the concept of 'hucha' (heavy or negative energy), and the importance of understanding these for healers.

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    VOCABULARY: Apus - Mountains, Pachamama - Mother Earth





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    [00:00:39] Cherie Lindberg: I'm being joined by Tito. One of the brothers from Peru who is a healer and works with living energy and I'm going to have him introduce himself and in just a moment.

    So we would love to hear, you introduce yourself and I would love to hear your story, what feels right for you to share about how you came to be such a such a healer.

    [00:01:45] Cherie Lindberg: Because I, I heard some of your story and it's, it's quite a interesting story.

    [00:01:49] T'ito Q'osñipa Kuntur: Thank you, Panache, and I'm learning English little by little, And that was our experience here in the Andes. in the mountains and the ceremonies the teachings it was beautiful.

    And after that, when we have meet we was working with the brothers sisters there in our, in our time here. That's special. That was special. Receiving the blessing of the apu, the Pachamama, the ancestor, the psycho energy from this territory, I appreciate all those things, and I'm grateful in remembering with my heart all the things that happened here in the Andes.

    Yeah, and the, what, how happened is I feel, and I know, because my ancestors, my grandfather, my grandmother, and my father, mother, they told me this happened from before I born in this life. According to tradition, it's a very profound, big, meaningful, how we born, where, and when, and what happening in this moment. This is like a signs or like things are coming messages, no? For example, I born in the August, 26th August, and that was in the same in August the time of the Pachamama. the moment time in the universe in the Pacha in the cosmos the portal channels connections are open in that time that in this time we celebrate we do ceremonies we give offerings to Pachamama The communication, the energy travels, these beings travel between dimensions.

    In that moment, I born in that, but, but interesting what, how happened because in the night there was ancestral history, ancestral tradition. We celebrate. The Pachamama's day or we did the kite, like happiness, celebrations, like dancing songs many things. And also we have celebration and family and honoring Pachamama and also the mother earth and also the feminine essence.

    And that night, my family, my mom was pregnant. they shall go in the night all the village, around the village, singing, dancing with music, like ceremoniously. But my mother started feeling very hard pain, because I was coming. And then, my mom communicated to my father, say Cipriano, Cipriano, I think the baby's coming.

    And then my father don't worry, don't worry. Let's continue a little bit and then let's go to the house. And then later, again, the pain was continuing more, more strong.

    And then my father announced the whole family because just they was starting in the middle of the activity, the psychic activity in the village in the night. That was 11 11 in the night, almost getting 12 middle in the night.

    Everything's happening in, in Quechua, an ancient language. And then there was my, all of my family, many people in my family. And then they came, my grandparent, also my grandmother, and they, they came to the house.

    They was come to my house. The pain was very strong, and my mom can't walk, walk anymore. And then she, she fall in the, in the, in the ground, and sit in the ground, and then she say, I can't do anymore now. And then they was like people was preparing, you know, my family, they're going there and they're coordinating this like many things start happening.

    It's getting, almost getting to 12 in the night, and then they, they have to carry my mom and the poncho. The poncho we have, and they carried the, from that place to my house, they carry in poncho and they put in the, in the house, my mike, ready for, for me to born. And then when they make ready, and my mom was like actually ready to do this.

    They, my mom's side, my family's side. When they get to the house, they put ready my mom after three minutes or before five minutes, I born in that moment just, 12 night in the night. Mm-Hmm. , and that night before, one night before, they have their dreams, they have their experience.

    Many things they told, they told me. About many things happened, how the Pacha Cosmos, how the spirits do, they were sending messages. That was like announcing I was coming. That's happened according to tradition. And all of my ancestors and families knows that, you know.

    All these days they had a ceremony when I came here, because there are ceremonies. They're giving the name, and then there's a ceremony for receiving, welcoming to this world, and connecting to these dimensions. I want to bring the moon burning ceremony.

    And then they told me many things, stories, what happened after many years when I was conscious about that. But when I was baby I have it like in the day, in the night, I shall meet with beings. There is a kind of the beings, mookies, the little beings. Also the ancestor was living before here.

    And I shall meet with them in the night. And also, there is other beings living in the mountains. Like in between the mountains, valley, and the river. there was the apus from the mountains, they transformed and birthed and being in the night they came to.

    I was like, what's happening with me? And I was very young. I don't tell people only I told my mom and the first experience is I told my grandparent, and then he knows very well what's happening with me. Because he, my grandparent, my mother and my father, they was a master, in the tradition, the continuation of the lineage.

    And my grandparent started teaching me. He start taking me to places and to ceremonies. And then I was starting like this, but after that he died, and my father, my mom, I told to them what was happening with me too, and then they understand us, they was like protecting me.

    What they did is protecting me, mostly, and guiding me, that's how I met with the beings from the little, and then they give me things, and then they teach me, they see things, and they take me other places. Places and then like that. In traveling with my grandparent when my when they was alive And my with my father we shall meet also with beings with the spirits in the night. This was a long long history, but when my grandparent died And the experiences like this stop Stop changed my life.

    And then, like, I came back like normal people, like my mother and other family say, like, okay, you should study, go to school, and you should do something, in your life. Okay, and I was very young. I was growing, and after many years still, I was practicing many of the bicycle traditional things

    But after many years when I was coming back, I started traveling to the mountains, the ancient places, and started learning, remembering, connecting. I start having strong dreams. And then this is not normal, like when I was young baby start moving energy like this.

    And then I start traveling to the mountains. preparing myself. And then came again, this being but in different way, in different way, but very clear came the Inca ancestor, one of the Inca ancestor himself manifested in the dream.

    he came really in reality, like this manifested in the Physical body their manifestations are like when they show their body is like it can be only for our perception, not other people can see, but these things happen and I come.

    I don't believe them. I think this is like something's happening or dreams but when the master came in my room, that was real. No, this is not a joke. And then he started giving me instructions. She started calling me to the, going to the sacred places. To meet with him with other masters and preparing me and they was teaching me preparing me and also I was preparing myself now and that's how came back and then I have to go to the mountain and to this meeting.

    in that time I was traveling to the mountains, actually in one of the trips I I have to look at a place, a moment, where was this place where the Inca father was calling me? Where is this temple? Where is this altar? Where he want me to go? And then I, I have to practice, like They're reading energy, asking to the beings like access into the dimension and altar and also some of ceremony techniques, how to do consultation, many things.

    I know some in the past from my father, my ancestor, but this was in my life real what's happening. I needed to remember and then I realized that was true, because the Coca Mama and the fire told me that was true, the spirit came, and it was true.

    The confirmation was from many ways. And then when I found the place, I went. But that was a long history too, because in the first night, I don't find anything. . Second time, nothing happen. Next time, nothing happen.

    Some messages, special connection, of course. But, nothing real like I have it when Inka Master visit me. And then I decided to go. Okay, now I will no matter what will happen, if I die, I will die. If I will be without food, I will, will be anything can happen.

    And I have to say in some way without saying to my family in my heart, I have to say, okay, bye family I'm going, I'm, I'm not, I don't know what's going to happen to me. But this is what I need to go because they're calling me, because this was serious, serious calling to me. And when I I was making first night.

    I was making ready. I am one of my friend and family. I told please from the very long distance. You can check me. But if I don't call you, don't come. But when I went to the mountain, I was making ready. For my ceremony for my connection before I were, I was making ready.

    Someone came there and in my mind, I think people's walking in the night in the mountain, And then my body was like this. And then I see. That was the Inka master was come. I was not ready.

    This has happened in that moment, many things. My body changed. My eyes changed. Everything changed. And then that's how it started. the training, the instructions. And they were giving me codes, because before that, they were teaching me, through my dreams, through my visions, through my travelings, programmations, and taking me to other spaces, to the paths, inside of the earth, inside of the mountains, to caves. they was taking me meeting with other beings.

    That was the training I was having before in the real life working and also in like a, in the dreams and the visioning like this and ceremonies That moment was the big thing. I have it, you know, they give me some secrets, the sacred codes, the some many things he, he authorized me. He initiated me there.

    And also after that, the lightning when I was coming actually this happened two times, more times, but what happened before one, and this is what happened other, another moment, I was coming because in the past, you know, in that moment there is no car we travel between the village to other village, Walking.

    Hours or days sometimes. That's how the experience will happen to you when you walk alone. And I was coming back from Saiwa. to my village, the Pumakanji. In the middle of the path, there is not anybody. Few people can walk, but in the moment was starting in the mountain.

    I was coming down from the mountain. And start like a wind, cold, and start the lightning, and I wanted to start a rain, and then I came fast to the mountain, and then In the, in the path, there is rocks or some caves, some place where we can rest or, you know, or even sleep or do something.

    But in that mountain, there is rock. And then I came fast because the lightning was coming. I have to go to the rock to be safe. But when I went to the cave, I don't realize the, when I went that, this can, this is going to happen.

    Because when I went to the rock, to be, safe from the rain and from the lightning, and cold like this. And then there was rock here, big rock here, and mountain, and then came lightning. In that moment, my body was like electricity, shaking change everything in my body.

    In that moment automatically my body, I can't stop or sitting like this. I faulted the ground like this because there was a very big power and then like this in the ground. There was the sound. And it's, the light was very strong.

    I mean, I can't open my eyes in that moment. I know that automatically I was preparing myself I feel a lot of power, a lot of respect, a lot of humility in this moment, and then I was feeling, I don't open with, because very, I was a lot of respect in the moment.

    I don't open my eyes, but I, I see the beings was around me. I feel that like voices and sound and the movements and the, I can feel they were there, but the light was found of me. There was like a door, like a big door, like go to the. Sky hanan pacha and then going to the earth behind this door was like a body a master like a Light or gold body like fire like this And then the hand was extending doing something with me.

    And then automatically I close my eyes. I was doing my own practice, my own ceremony, processing all these things because I was trying to be there, but this was happening, managing all this space. And then in that moment I was like, my body was not react normally, shaking, very warm, like I was sweating and I don't have control in that moment.

    And then after that came back to normal state like now, and then, I, I continue like in this, in the ground, because I don't have enough power for coming back. But then after sometime I came to sitting in the close rock and I was not normal. LikeI was continuing my body, my energy, my consciousness, my body was like a different state.

    I can see. I can understand all the movement of the energy, all the colors, shape and patterns of the energy of the beings, how the beings transform the body. Many things I was processing in that moment. This was a big thing was happening in that moment. But I was like the same thing happened when we similar when we for example, are with a medicine, ayahuasca.

    The strong change everything, this reality, you know and or sometimes with the wachuma something when when the wachuma is strong also this also change like in that moment that was like very strong and when I came back to my body to this space I'm I feel it strong my body.

    If I could, I realized I know everything. I can see, I can understand, I can do anything at this moment. But after that. Because it was getting late, I have to walk like four hours to Pomacanchi still, and there is long distance to walk.

    I think four hours walking, and then I have to go fast, and I need to go now, and I make ready, and then I came back. I get my house in the night. And then when I get in the night, my mom still was alive in this moment.

    At the same time, I think they give me this power only for getting to my house And then when you get to the house, I realized I was hungry. I realized I was dirty. I realized I was tired. Well, I started in my house.

    I realized many things. And to my mom, I'm going to rest. I'm really tired. Please protect me, tonight, because I'm going to sleep and rest. And I was feeling like I was, the time was, different time was coming. This night, when I sleep this night, I was living this continuing this experience.

    I was meeting with beings. I was transforming in the energy. I was dreaming all night I was living like it is again. this was like a, during days. Weeks like that little by little I came back. And then I came back again to this connection after months But after years these things like him became like a part of my life, but different way. I died Four times, four times, in the water, and one was in the school all the teachers, all the people know, so when I died, they make me react from, 40 minutes on one hour approximately, but also I died in the lagoon.

    Pumacanchi when I died in the lagoon, I was going to inside of the lagoon, the water. And then the big altar, like a hand, came from the inside of the lagoon, Mama Cocha, mother lagoon, and then take me out. And then I was out I react, again, I came back alive.

    And then, in the jungle, we were crossing the big river and then the river take me, like, from my hand, from my feet, it's like something take me, power like this. And taking me, and then taking me a long way, I was alone on the other side,

    Yeah, spiral, inside of the water. And in one moment I see everything, I understand everything. I remember. My born, my family, everything. What has life in one moment? I live it whole life there. But that was like the other dimension and then one moment I recognize, this is how end my life in this dimension

    and then everything's lost. Like nothing. I remember. my friend took me from the river to the outside because I remember there was coming sounds and there's light coming and then I see faces and then I was coming back and then I take out the water too.

    But the most powerful dying also was in the mountain, that I died like four hours. And that was whole thing happened there because I, I went to the Wanyupacha, dimension of the dead. Beyond life, seeing this space and coming back I was sitting, but not really conscious,

    And then there was like ancestors walking, sitting, doing ceremony and speaking, teaching me And then like I came back, but this is, these things change it like everything in my life, in my path, my body, my consciousness. when I I have difficult moments or when I do, when I want to do some ceremony or when I do some connection or healings, I remember that this is like activate in me, activate in me, awaken that.

    And then it's like, I'm living now or yesterday. My meeting with the master, with spirit, these things happen. these things is very strong, it's very, very strong that is with us, no? With me living, because that is something like I can change these things, but also this is what is guiding.

    This is what is ordering energies. This is what is transmitting. This is the connection. they're also communicating with me. No, this is maintaining this relation with them. Because this is part of the training. we can have our own training, but we need to do that, this is what they do with us, sometimes we have to die, come back to this life for continuing, but we come back here bringing many things. we Come back here with a purpose, with some reason, with a a specific mission. And then we forget about everything.

    We feel that nothing in this life is the same. if you die tomorrow or you die right now, you will see a different way to the world, your life, the people, your family. When we come back from the dying dimension, we see things different way. We see different things.

    Now, we don't see it with the same eyes. We don't feel it with the same heart, Things like that, sometimes this is very special, but very also this need also serious responsibility. In this life, because we are not our relation, our life is not only with like what people like society, this is like a relation, connection, responsibility with the powers, with the dimensions, with the beings, the spirit, the energy.

    This is something. Not anybody can, not any doctors, not any people, not any law, any government can go to that dimension, to the inside, no? This is something we should take that one different way. This is with the technique, the ceremonies, how we do these things, no? But this is how it happened.

    And then they give me work to do and instructions. And this is one of my missions I'm doing here and then continuing.

    [00:23:24] Cherie Lindberg: that was good. So let's talk about your mission moving forward now?

    [00:23:29] T'ito Q'osñipa Kuntur: Wow. I learned the mission word, in the past, learning language because my original language is Quechua, Inka language. You know, language from the cosmos, from the nature, what I grow with that, but the mission word I learned in Spanish and also English, and I, I understand what, what trying to meaning that from the moment the Inka master in this solar temple, when I meet with him because I have two masters.

    Two masters and then other two apus, who is my protector, my guide, and my master who are in charge of me. I'm responsible with them, with my action, with many things. If I do something wrong or I don't do correct what they say, this will have consequence for me.

    this is like a response, agreement, responsibility, they are seeing, listening, what I'm saying, some of the things they explained me, they told me some of the things they don't tell me. I need to reach, I need to process, I need to read these things,

    This is both ways. Before in this body, I have it apart. I have it a mission and they came back to me. They put me in my right path too. And this is my missions working with them. from this dimension, from this body, maintaining this relation, and then I can communicate from this dimension to that dimension, also I can, communicate to this dimension, like, for example, prophecies,

    What is going to happen, or what we need to do? how we need to live here. This is one thing. And also the other thing, they get me, they show me, they teach me, they give me the secret and they give me the solar and cosmic codes.

    Manifested in an energetical body, like energetical shapes. When energy transform or change in different shapes, colors, patterns, They show me what mean that. This is like a We learn it here, speaking language and writing, But there is other solar writings.

    Cosmic language, the energy the sound, the vibration, From that there is happening some other things and people not understand, but here's this is real happening, no?

    putting in the right path, it's like the way to the people guiding the other, is like the other part of the healing. The healing, energetical, spiritual healing, you know, in different ways, you know, the people in this time are living.

    they told me, you need to explore in your own way, and not in your own way, but this is like in your time, in like, like society right now, it's not like in the past. Now it's different than past, means new things we need to do and also the most important thing, all these, teachings, ceremonies, knowledge, wisdom, healings, many things of this is became in one, when they say, when my Inka master told me you need to start again announcing the return of the Pachacuti and also the returning of the Tawantinsuyu.

    The Tawantinsuyu was the ancient nation of the pueblos or villages. That was an order in the past when our ancestors. in that time in the Tawantinsuyu are everything complete, like a nation. There is laws, the principles, the order, the functions of the masters, the people, the healings, the knowledge, the wisdoms, the hierarchy, many things.

    Disorganize everything, Tawantinshipi, like a nation, solar nation. That is that is one of the things they teach me, and they show me how this should be, how need to be this, how, what, what I need to do in this time. This is one of my mission. And then they give with me this path of the Inka path for continuation in this time.

    This is real because many years ago when this thing was happening in me, the people who was forging, they don't remember anything about the teachings or the incarnation They were seeing like this, no? But living, really living here like our ancestors, this was different.

    That's what I started announcing, and then the people, little by little, started changing here also, and related with the message coming from all the world, no? Part of that is the things now, I'm trying to do my best dedication, honoring, respecting doing this job, this mission the things they told me.

    What I'm realizing is, In this dimension, it's a long period of time, in one day, but also it's a very short time for doing something. it's not the same in the Hanakhpache, it's not the same in the Kupache, it's not the same in other space where we live in our spiritual body, in our being, and there we can, we can have different, period of time, different experience, different dimension, but here I'm realizing this is when I do something, the time is at times long.

    It's not passing, but I'm trying to do something I realize that, I'm doing my best effort, to doing this with their guidance with their authorization in this life, in this dimension, sister.

    [00:28:54] Cherie Lindberg: Yes, thank you so much. can you speak to the different dimensions and what that means?

    [00:28:59] T'ito Q'osñipa Kuntur: Yeah that is when we speak about the dimensions or spaces there is different ways to understand to see not only in one way because there is many dimensions, but one of the general one and all people and also reality we can see, we can feel according our ancestors in concerts.

    Also, they discover what we are living now. And this dimensions works. Energies beings are basically for Four dimensions, one of them is Ucupacha. Ucupacha is the inner dimension. The inside of the world or inside of any dimension, like in this earth, we can be inside of the earth, be profound inside of the earth.

    There is the Ucupage with a different kind of the love, power, energy, space. Ucupage also we have in our inner space, inner world. Also the father, son have Ucupage. every star, every dimension, like galaxies, they have also ukupaj, the inner world, the ukupaj, the inner dimension.

    And this is the general principle, governance, and wherever we are. they exist in the space dimension. The next one is Kaypacha. Mostly in this sequence, Okupacha can be inside of the Earth. when we say Kaypacha, this dimension, this world, this Presence or where we are living this world together with the plants, with the animal, with the people, with everything, this reality, what we are seeing, what we are touching, what we are living.

    This is the Caipacha, our dimension. That is how we, we are living. That is how we are seeing, we are perceiving this is how is this world what we experience with what we, we are living. But we can go to the Okupacha because the breathing, our eyes, the body or it's not support. It's not for that.

    We, some of us, were there, Now we are here in the next one. Is hanan pacha mean how I can translate this?

    And hanan pacha is the dimension where the stars are, the fathers. Sand, mamakilla, mother moon, or some of our ancestors before, after this body or before coming to this dimension, they are living, there is like Hanacht is like a, the superior world, in this direction.

    And whatever direction, but when we see after the earth to this direction up, this will be, you know, the Hanan pacha. And this is other dimension, if we go little by little more up, up, up, there will be changing, different. Different law, different call, different element, different velocity, different energy, different things will happen, you know.

    And we can be living there every day, because this is other space, this is the path of going to the Father Sun, or to the Ilha Pacha. We will continue our path after his body. There is inhabiting, living energies, power there is living our ancestors. Some of our ancestors, they're living the element, the cosmos,

    The next space, the fourth one, is Hawapacha. Hawapacha means these dimensions, anything we can see. We can even have idea about that. I when I say we don't have any idea, because in which velocity things happen in there.

    Or what changes can happen, what is there, what distance, no? If, if we can be there or if we can go there, our energy or capacity is not for that, for understanding this, we will not understand.

    But yes, we are connected to the dimensions, Outside world or expansive dimension that is infinite dimension beyond, beyond and beyond. This is their continuum, the continuation of the patch. This is the basic dimension four dimensions start. From that, there is others, but this is the basic fundamental, basic dimension what we study.

    And there is others dimensions, other patches, what we are every day in our life in this dimension we are related to. But these other dimensions are inside of these dimensions. Instead of one of these patches, we say patches, patcha is the name of the space time dimension or empty void dimension.

    This is how we understand about the patches, the four dimensions. Thank you.

    [00:33:22] Cherie Lindberg: One of the last questions that I have for you that I think will really impact our readers, especially healers as we're going to be, you know, my hope is to support you and in bringing this information out because a lot of healers do not understand living energy and how we exchange energy.

    if you could share a little bit about who John exchanging energy and why would be important for a healer to understand. Energies.

    [00:33:52] T'ito Q'osñipa Kuntur: This is a world of experiencing, learning. My grandparent told me about many, many thousand thousand type or kind of energies. And then I was trying, he don't tell me like a specific one by one like this, but I was, you know, always in this part, we are curious and we, we want, we start experiencing by our own life, you know, if this is, how is this, and always we want to go beyond, beyond continuing like this,

    and then yeah. I started studying last couple of years this was one of my dedications the communication with the spirit, with the beings, with different dimensions, and also the studying, following, experiencing with the, communicating with the energies. I started that after they gave me permission, authorized me, having this communication with the energies.

    And I started following the energies, I started studying the energies, And then I found a lot of things, And then I forget about many things, but I was focused there. And I start understanding, confirming what my grandparent was saying.

    There is many kind, many type of the energies. We are not speaking about only one energy, one kind of energy in the universe for the recognition, the energies. Ilia is the beginning of the source of light, light source of the any energies.

    Without Ilya, can exist light or energy or power. The Ilya is the primary source from where everything born, related to the energies and light. From that born many kind of the Kalipa. Kalipa mean Kalipa we can translate like a power or energy, Kalipa. Or power, energy or force, force.

    And then the Calipa Calipa will be to naming any kind of energy, any function, any level, But from that, the Calipa will have every kind, it's like the Calipa can be comparison with the people we say, how we say people's we say human being,

    But even the human human doesn't exist in doesn't exist in the ancient language. Like this, but I have like, if we understand that human people in this example, we can say you are human, but you have name, you know, Cherie, I have name, Tito, like everyone will have name, even animals.

    The same thing, the energies, general name will be Calpa, or Calpacuna. From that, now we start recognizing. All the energies. like, for example, energy of Sami, Kawsai, Kucha, Kanchai, Chekakh,

    Many kind of the energy will be named. every energy will have a function. They are managing all the things happening in this world. Even they're managing invisible, visible world.

    And also even, even the emotions, even the thought, even the mind, even the heart, even our energy, they are contacting, they are according to how we are working or how we are connected with him or ourselves. And in this case, we can study or we can speak for simple about everyone. The energies are like a.

    the Kucha energy, like you are saying, is one of the kind of the energy in the world, in the universe. In some cultures, some nations will have a lot of Kucha energy, some places will have a little energy of Kucha.

    The same thing in people. There will be people that will have a lot of hucha, and there will be people a little hucha. But all people we have, we have a hucha.

    For example, the hucha, it's some kind of energy, very conscious, intelligent. Right now, the hucha are listening to us. The hucha are in my body, in your body, the hucha are in space, hucha energy. The hucha energy, invisible, subtle energies, they are listening to what we are saying.

    they are intelligent. And that's why it's difficult to manage the Hua because the hua sometimes is more expert, more experienced, more knowledgeable than people, that's why the Hua can do without people knowing things and the people, they don't realize what's happening, but the Hua is working secretly,

    In the hucha, the, some of the characteristics of the hucha is this is a little bit most heavy, heavy energy. it's the most unclear energy, or we can also say dark energy. Also, we can recognize a name like this. Negative energy or dark energy. this energy of the Kucha still this, if the energy maintaining in this state of the being, is because this energy still not change it.

    Still they don't have, this energy haven't still does not have this opportunity of the change, heal, clear, or evolution. The energy is not finding yet, that energy It's even not looking the evolution, healing, changing, clarifying. Some of the energy of the hucha is trying, looking the opportunity, moment, space, time for changing the essence.

    The power, the energy are changing to other kind, like one way energy. Or like anti energy, because the energies can change. They can change in the universe, or we can also change the energies too. the Kucha energy will maintain this state, this character until will change. If the energy will change, we'll, we'll, we'll receive other name because we'll have other character, other function, other activity, other result,

    But this energy is what sometimes, for example, in this time and also in the past, they created when the people killed people. When the peoples are suffering. or dying did without respect. They did something breaking the universal nature laws of the life of the energies during people's do or any being do breaking without respect this order, this harmony, this connection, the sacredness in that moment created hoochah.

    for example if someone was killed in some places in this, this people was crying this people was suffering. But for some reason, someone died in that space, in that moment, in that dimension, in that body, in that being, in that energy.

    This is how he generate, create other energy, transform it, became transformant and huge energy, or in that moment, huge energy, That is the way when someone will go to this space, people will feel experiencing. they don't realize why this is happening, but this is the energy, power moving

    And sometimes this is difficult to change, but this is like it, that for that we have ceremonies for healing energies. this is how hucha energy, for example, burns and how, how works in the peoples. This can feel any plant, any spiritual beings, animal, any people, someone go to this place or that dimension or meet with these people.

    Because it's very different we can realize that. this is how, you know, a little bit about the hucha energy, because the hucha energy one of the things hucha energy do is make difficult to the people.

    They make struggling people, make confused. Take into the wrong path people, not correct path. Making unhappy people. The Jucha Mike is suffering people the Jucha is like a because it's naturally the Jucha existed this way.

    But our opportunity for us is recognize, identifying understanding, and seeing this energy in us and others in the society, in the world, and then consciously we can start working with that. But this is hucha. In other ways, for example, in my case, I recognize the hucha like my master, because thank you to the hucha, I'm learning more.

    [00:41:46] Cherie Lindberg: I realize, I take conscious, I go to the next level, because the kucha say me, No, no, it's time yet, it's close, it's now yet, it's no moment, you can do this. I can, yes, I can do, I will do. And then I'm going more and more, and then, this is like that's why I say I'm, it's the master also, we can see, Is someone limiting us or something as putting us difficult and in, but we are finding our power, our light, our essence. We'll find our healing, our essence, our being for doing things beyond than that. Just speaking for myself and other healers You're listening to how your culture talks about hucha. That when we sit with people and they're hurting we can feel that heavy energy.

    And it's so important that healers observe it, but don't absorb it and I think what happens a lot, especially in my culture here is we don't, we don't realize we're absorbing it. And so learning how to be with it in a loving, compassionate way and transmute it, help it shift and change.

    those are some of the answers we need, and maybe learning from your culture could be very helpful to help us learn how we can lovingly transmute that hoochah for clients, help their, their bodies be able to do that, hold the space in a way. That it can transmute and shift

    [00:43:09] T'ito Q'osñipa Kuntur: and I think your sister.

    Yes, you are correct. when we recognize what's happening, what energy. This is the first step that we can have. We are very clear. We are sure what's happening, which energies. Okay. And then now we can go to next part doing the healing transmuting changing, or doing anything with energy.

    For example, in this cases we work with like a hucha energy exists also existed other energies like Sammy. And like a hampi, hampi energy, and then when we work with other energies, we can transform the hucha, liberate people from the hucha, heal this hucha, or we can invite the hucha to go to the river, or to the father son or things.

    There's many ways to now we are entering to other space what we can do, in this case. because if there is the hucha making difficult people also there is ways what we can do for healing, for changing that. And then we apply for that ceremony, healing ceremonies. One way is for example In the ceremony, ritual ceremonies, practices we manage, we heal this energy.

    For example, one way is communicating, having communication. It's like you have communication with spirit. Not all peoples we have, but some of us have, and people can learn this way of communicating with energy,

    And one way is communicating to the energy, in the ceremony we have this communication. this is one way. Directly communication. The other way, for example, is speaking with the Apus, with the Pachamama.

    Speaking with the big spirits, like Inka masters, spirit of the mountains Also, for example, Mother Earth, we are living in the Mother Earth. The plants are growing in the Mother Earth.

    We are eating fruits growing from the Mother Earth. The water is in the Mother Earth. We are breathing in the Mother Earth. Our house is in the Mother Earth. Everything is in the Mother Earth. For example, one way is working with the, because she has a lot of power,

    Mother Earth, Halp Amalma. When we learn the way of the communication, or the way of doing the ceremony and when we work with the Mother Earth, her energy, her spirit, not only one way this is how people can experience or they can heal. Because traditionally, our mission working in this life is working with energies. with the spirit, with the beings, and then from that dimension, we're working and we help people, One way is indirectly healing people's body they need to be present and we do the ceremonies. They don't need to know, they don't need to understand, they will give only some guidance, some instructions they follow and we do the ceremony with the body.

    And one, two, three, four times, and then healing. Other way is when someone want to learn, for example. All this stuff, teachings, practices, ceremonies, ways, tools, techniques, many things. And then, also they can, also you can learn. This, maybe this will take time, but little by little you learn

    And then it's like learning, doing something. . And then we became like a in healer or hospital healer or physical body healer. It's little by little we learn because some have this ability to do. Yeah, this is how we work in this space with energies or how we can do.

    Of course, like you were saying, the energies can transmute. The energy can transform, can change. The energy can be clarified. And the energy can change the functions. if that was hucha, now will be sami, that's how we can find the way work with the hucha. Even the hucha always will be, even when we do the ceremony, always will be the hucha energy in the body.

    But we give our power energy to other energies that can govern, And this will be different. This is one way, The other way, we do ceremonies With elements, with wind, with Father Sun, with fire, with water. And the ceremonies also will be working.

    It means, we can harmonize this energy. if always we'll be living in my space, this energy. this energy will be activated with someone or some action, and then the kucha will be activated, like a fire starts burning, the ceremony or the working can be for maintaining balance or maintaining harmony or maintaining like a block or, there is ways, no, to do in the ceremony.

    [00:47:40] Cherie Lindberg: Couple things 1, I realize when you were talking about happy. Am I saying that correctly, Humpy? you were saying that a lot, you were repeating that hump. So now I, I am understanding some of the ceremonies we experienced with you. we went up with Tupac to the Female mountain and the Waka.

    When I put my head. On the WACA, I saw an Inca man came into my vision, and then as soon as I took my head off the WACA, it was gone. I wanted to share that with you that was a powerful experience. And I've been told that I am here, my mission.

    Is to transmute energy to role model inspire and teach how to transmute energy. So it's interesting to hear about your mission. And then to know that Terry was a bridge for us meeting and now we're connected and we'll, see where we go from here.

    Is there anything more that I haven't asked that you think would be important to share?

    [00:48:42] T'ito Q'osñipa Kuntur: Thank you, sister. yes, Sister Teresita. We met in the past, and we were weaving, and learning, and she was also studying many years. she still continue learning.

    she have a beautiful heart, big heart. she was telling me about you two before. She told me about Sister Cherie, and then, Oh, it'll be beautiful to meet with Sister Cherie. And then we meet in the strip when we was here, no? And then we went to the Waka, the portal of the energy because we were doing the ceremony before you came many years ago because always we go to this place because this is ancient polar energy, ancient temple, where our ancestors also did ceremonies.

    We were doing the ceremony with brothers and sisters from Tawantinsuyu, from the Inka and Solar School, And we did ceremony in this waka. Big Waka, they can experience they can see beings, they can see ancient people, they can see like Inka master, like you see, and also they receive the energy, they receive the messages, also they liberate, the energy.

    The special thing, when we touch this special Waka happen, and then They, when we went we were doing the ceremony. I was doing the ceremony because I was reading energy. I was feeling, receiving the guidance and doing, according to this guidance, I was doing the ceremony.

    in this part. We learn many things, we continue learning, next level, next level. This never will end, One thing in this path happened is sometimes And we don't do, we don't say in our life what our heart, what our mind, our conscious side, or we don't do always what we want, what we decide.

    Because this is, this is my heart. This is our, my mind. This is my decision. my action. Some ways this will be guided also. This will be guided for Pachamama, the spirit, the heart, the consciousness, the energy, the body according to our connection, this will be also guided, through to this body.

    But the special thing is, sometimes we open ourself and we give to them freely and they can guide the situation. They can guide our life. They can guide our energy, our mind, our heart, our conscious, our path. If we ask to them with love, humility, respect. And then they will do for us and the best way can be for us, but sometimes this can be hard or difficult for someone because for this level of the guidance for this level of protection we need to change.

    We need to change our mind, our heart, our conscience, our energy, our body, our path, or The way we are living, This is why sometimes will be the, this touching, this connection will be difficult because we are entering or we don't want to enter to this connection, to this reality in this moment, some people can experience and they can interpret that, no, this is difficult.

    This is like a strong, you know, but this change is necessary because after that is coming different, you know, beautiful things. even to me is happening every certain times happening, you know. Sometimes I, I'm resistant, but this is because they're inviting me for next level. this is part of the transformation.

    This is part of the connection, because we can be continuing in the same way. When we are in the path, when we learn something, we can be being in the same way we were in yesterday or last year. Our mission is continuing healing ourselves, changing ourselves, evolution, awakening. This is our path. And this way, all the way we ask, what is the next?

    This, this, this, and we continue this way. That way also the energy, the fathers, mothers, they put us, training us and making us understand also they will be protecting us, guiding us through. This is beautiful thing, in a physical way they are real, in a spiritual way they manifest.

    [00:52:49] Cherie Lindberg: They manifest, in the energy, in the managing or connecting energies, this is powerful with them, with the Apu, with the Pachamama, with the spirits, in this path. The way that we talk about it here is that if you're going to expand, then something has to be let go of.

    There's got to be change so that you're ready to go to the next.

    [00:53:09] T'ito Q'osñipa Kuntur: Yes. it's like going to the mountain. If we go to the mountain, maybe this's, Spain, maybe it's very shaming day, very hot, hot day. Maybe in the middle of the path someone would decided not to go because it's very tired and sacrifice many things.

    And then but if we continue, we'll get to the mountain. No matter one day, two days, it is exactly the nature are teaching us to It's necessary for our transformation and life.

    [00:53:37] Cherie Lindberg: when we go back, when I think about the trip we just had together, I think about the water ceremony

    I was extremely uncomfortable. I know that and I was terrified. I'm not usually terrified of water. And there was a part of me that wanted to say no free. Oh, I'll stand next to the lake. And I'm like, when I get up there, I'm like, no, I'm going to do this.

    And I really felt when we were doing the water ceremony, I felt like I was drowning, After it was done and I walked off into the grass and I got into a fetal position and I was crying It was like a storm happened.

    And then the sun came out. So that when you're talking, that's what I think about. I think about the willingness to do something that you're extremely uncomfortable with. And after that, I felt pretty good.

    I felt good that I did that, but I have no idea why I was crying, why I was feeling the way I was feeling, but I just tried to trust that process.

    [00:54:37] T'ito Q'osñipa Kuntur: Yeah, beautiful what you are explaining. sometimes we go in our way. When our mind, when our perception, or when we decide in things, or like we go and then it will happen to things.

    Now, if we go this way you know, the water is real. the spirit of the water, in nature, all the energies happening there, this is real. And then this will sometimes will break. What we were trying to be, and that's why, in that moment, we don't understand, we don't like, or like, uncomfortable.

    This isn't part of the process, Norman, because it's breaking our energy But for someone, when we go to experience open little by little and we trust, we give to ourselves, can happen different way too, because when we are open, automatically the connection can happen.

    Everyone can experience different things, working in the ceremonies with elements like water. It's necessary because we are made it, we are water in our body. If we put in the laboratory study, our body, there is a liquid. This is water and our body need communicate. In ceremony, the there is a language of the communication with the, between our water, our body, and the water in this space.

    Now that according ceremony, we can channel different ways of the working at our energy. Ceremony activate the spirit of the water, the energy of the water.

    Apparently we are there, but apparently other energy governing. this will be happening because it's different when we, for example I have this experience when the brother sitter takes me to the swimming pool, to the lagoon.

    This is totally different. It will be totally different in ceremony. Because in ceremony the water act, the water speak, the spirit, the energy in the same level, what we are asking, same vibration in same connection on the same level, the water also will open this channel For example, superficial way of playing, also the water will play with us,

    Water not, we are not doing anything, also the water not doing anything. the water are high level consciousness, than us. And then they are understanding more than us, no? And then that mean whatever we are doing, in the ceremony, this will be happening with us. The same thing will be with the element, with other sacred elements too.

    Thank you, sister.

    [00:57:00] Cherie Lindberg: I look forward to hearing about your book you've got three of them right now, that you're trying to put out there. Do you have a website that you're working on?

    [00:57:11] T'ito Q'osñipa Kuntur: Yeah, in the Spanish version I have here but yes we are trying to work with Brother Paul and Sita Teresita, in English version, no?

    Yeah, I think we'll be coming in website, in English version little by little. and the Pacha book is translated ready. Actually, we studied with Sister Brothers like six classes each chapter, we study the book, because the book is not for simple reading, it's for studying.

    It's because there is beautiful, profound teachings about the Pacha. In other book what we routed Tupac are two. About the path of the transformation and path of the evolution. This also is translated soon, will be available in English version, and then our students, sister, brothers can have access,

    [00:57:55] Cherie Lindberg: that will be beautiful. there's going to be an upcoming. Class in February, so I will make sure that I have that put in for our readers. for folks that want to learn more about working with the living energy and how to understand from. The ancient Inca perspective.

    So that will be a beautiful gift to the world that you all will be doing. I will see you again soon Tito. Thank you so much for taking time to work with us today.

    [00:58:23] T'ito Q'osñipa Kuntur: Thank you.

    [00:58:23] Cherie Lindberg: Okay, take care. Bye.