7: Unveiling the Psychic Gifts with Lisa Williams

7: Unveiling the Psychic Gifts with Lisa Williams

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    Ready to tap into your inner healer?

    Lisa Williams is a globally recognized expert in energy healing, crystal work, quantum techniques, frequencies, and sound therapy, as well as a gifted intuitive. Her keen sense of intuition elevates her work, allowing her to deeply understand and facilitate healing on multiple dimensions. Her work with the military and extensive experience in alternative healing modalities have made her a sought-after leader in the field. Lisa is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and empowering healthcare professionals to bring about positive change in the industry.

    In this episode of Elevated Life Academy, Cherie Lindberg interviews psychic medium Lisa Williams. They discuss Lisa's journey as a psychic medium, her introduction to her gifts, and her experiences with healing. Lisa also shares her thoughts on Brainspotting and its transformative effects. They touch on topics such as self-worth, overcoming challenges, and the upcoming healing class Lisa is excited about.

    Want to know how you can begin your journey to hope and healing? Visit Elevated Life Academy for classes and free resources for personal development and healing.


    Sacred Soul Mastery: The Art of Deep Healing


    You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay



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    [00:00:38] Cherie Lindberg: Welcome to another episode of Elevated Life Academy. I am Cherie Lindberg and I want to welcome our guest Lisa Williams. I'm going to let her introduce herself and I would love for you to talk about, the class you have coming up.

    [00:01:32] Lisa Williams: My name is Lisa Williams. I'm a psychic medium. So for the last, oh gosh, now I sound really old, but for the last 30 years, I've been working as a psychic medium. But when people say to me, what do you do? I'm like a psychic medium. They go, oh, you're a psychic on the street. And I'm like, no, so I've been doing this work for a long time, and now I teach and I go around the world. I've written several books, had TV shows and everything else. So it's been really my life's lesson of connecting with people, their energy just so many different things.

    [00:02:06] But I actually feel as though it's all healing. I'm a psychic medium healer, soul transformer, whatever you want to call it.

    [00:02:12] Cherie Lindberg: Beautiful. So How did you trust and embrace your gifts and maybe share a story about how some of those gifts like you're saying.

    [00:02:20] Lisa Williams: So I didn't quite discover my gifts and I guess the way that most people would think. My grandmother was a psychic medium as well.

    [00:02:29] So when I was growing up, it was not uncommon for my grandmother to have a deck of tarot cards on her mantelpiece and for people to be lining up and trying to get a reading and her phone ringing off the hook So, going into my grandmother's house, ironically I wasn't really close to her.

    [00:02:47] There was a separation, I think it's just family dynamics But, she said to me when I was 19, she said, you have the gift. And I'm like, what gift? What are we talking about? And then she said to me, you're gonna do what I do.

    [00:02:59] And I'm like yeah, don't speak to dead people. And she said, no, you will. You'll be in America. You'll be famous. And I was like, not really. And then obviously. it all transpired, when a psychic tells you these things, you expect it to be immediate, but it doesn't actually happen that way.

    [00:03:16] So obviously, I started to develop it very slowly, but I'd had it since I was four years old. I was seeing things, I was feeling things, I remember a story about my grandmother changing my bedroom wallpaper because the faces were looking at me. my mom and dad

    [00:03:34] were frustrated. my grandmother said, give her some leeway because She has got this gift it really does need some honing. But I was very young,

    [00:03:44] And I think over a period of time doing it now for 30 years, I've seen so many transformations, Someone who is super, super religious, who has connected with his mom and said, God told me I needed to come and speak to you today. Through to someone who was healed from cancer and, past life traumas

    [00:04:05] it's remarkable. I mean, there's so many stories I could tell you. it's just incredible,

    [00:04:10] Cherie Lindberg: What's coming up for me right now is do you remember the first time that you actually did you hear, see, feel somebody?

    [00:04:19] Lisa Williams: I totally remember.

    [00:04:21] one time I was really consciously aware, I was selling timeshare up in the Lake District of England. I was dating this guy and he was away on business and I'd gone out with some friends of mine.

    [00:04:34] And probably about a week beforehand, this girl said to me, she said, I'm a medium. And I went, okay, my grandmother does that. And she said, and you can too. And I'm like, yeah, no, no, no, no, no. so anyway, she was selling timeshare with me, and her name was Amanda. Sorry if I'm calling her out, but she was amazing.

    [00:04:51] And, I never forget this, where she actually said to me, you have this gift. So we went out and had a few drinks on a Friday night. So, we only had one bed in our house. So of course she's, as girls do, she slept in the bed.

    [00:05:04] she said, well, let's see if you can do this. I'm like, yeah, right. I don't know about this. So. I went, and I, thought I was making up. I said, there's a man standing at the end of the bed. She said, who? And I said, I don't know.

    [00:05:19] He's like your dad, but he's not your dad. And he died of a heart attack. she looked at me and she went, wow. And I went, what? I couldn't connect with him. I just knew it. And she said, my adopted dad died of a heart attack.

    [00:05:31] And I went, no, oh my god, of course we'd had something to drink and I was literally just having a moment and freaking out. But that was the first time, I ever tried to do it. what was interesting about this is I've been playing around with it for a very long time.

    [00:05:50] since I was 19. So I've kind of been doing psychic readings, but the mediumship, that was the moment that mediumship dropped in when I was 23. Psychic stuff, easy, but mediumship was so different and I kind of had this freak out.

    [00:06:05] Cherie Lindberg: So after that, did it take you some time to trust or did you just start practicing or just started to naturally open up?

    [00:06:14] Lisa Williams: So I've been doing, I've naturally opened up anyway. as soon as my grandmother said, Oh, you can do this work, I bought myself some tarot cards.

    [00:06:21] I bought myself a pendulum. you go out and buy all of these tools of the trade, And so, at that point. I started to mess around I've done a few little connections for friends of mine, but it wasn't really anything serious.

    [00:06:37] And then she started to say, Oh, you can do this work. I told the woman who was going to be my mother in law, I'm doing this. She said, well, read for me. So I read for her as well. And then I went, Oh, I don't see me marrying this man.

    [00:06:52] It was so bizarre because I was engaged to him. And it was so intriguing to be able to have an insight into it. but I started to practice and play around and it was within six months that I ended up having my first client.

    [00:07:07] So yeah, I was not expecting it at all.

    [00:07:10] Cherie Lindberg: Well, you and I met because of your spiritual, entrepreneurship group. And you agreed to have a brain spotting session with me.

    [00:07:19] Lisa Williams: I did.

    [00:07:21] Cherie Lindberg: I'd love to hear your thoughts and feelings about that

    [00:07:25] Lisa Williams: So it was really transformative. Okay, so I needed to understand what you did, I needed to understand, it's easy to actually direct somebody in the psychic medium business and how to get the best out of their business. this is something that I've never really heard of.

    [00:07:41] And I am very much into the mind into the science behind things because, doing this work as a psychic medium you're going to encounter skeptics I call them the septic skeptics You really need to have some science behind it.

    [00:07:53] So I really started to study the brain and neuroscience. And when I did it I remember exactly where I was.

    [00:08:00] I was away. And there was a point that I really was intrigued. And so I started to look at it. And a lot of the time, whenever I talk to people in this industry is that I can't charge this amount of money, or I can't, and it's always around money. So I decided to choose money,

    [00:08:18] Taking me back into those moments of understanding where my fear came from and concern came from, I got it. And for the first week I was just absolutely in awe and I was constantly bringing my inner child of going, it's okay Lisa, you're no longer seven again, you're no longer 14, and understanding her.

    [00:08:41] There was a circumstance that somebody said, okay, we need to raise some money for something. it wasn't a personal thing. It was for somebody else. and in my head, I went, okay, where's that fee? So I went back into that Friday night when the guy John used to come around and I went, Oh, so you're just going back into that fear again Lisa.

    [00:09:00] And I just spent a moment nurturing that inner child and it changed my life. Absolutely transformed it to the point that now I'm the person like, okay, let's not worry about where the money is coming from. Let's understand another a different way. I'm trying to help navigate and honestly, you have no idea because we had a tornado here last week.

    [00:09:22] And it was the day I was having dental surgery, which is my two biggest fears, a tornado, and then dental surgery, that happened on the same day. And so we then lost power the day after and half of the following day I live on the internet.

    [00:09:36] I got no service I had to then go back I did a little bit brain spotting I had to go back into that moment and say, Alright, what is it about not being connected into the world and again it was fear. It was fear of being able to not earn money And I relaxed and then the internet came on and it forced me to have a day and a half rest because I wouldn't have done, but I needed to because of my surgery.

    [00:09:59] And I'm not kidding you. As soon as the internet went on and I'm like, okay. Trust Lisa. I have to say everybody needs brain spotting session.

    [00:10:07] Cherie Lindberg: I did not pay you to say that.

    [00:10:09] Lisa Williams: You didn't. But if you are listening to this, it's amazing.

    [00:10:13] It is absolutely insane. And it's so simple. you need to be, facilitated to get to that point. And it's incredible.

    [00:10:24] Cherie Lindberg: Well, I just wanna say, Lisa, that your brain caught on very quickly. And so you recognize the patterns and triggers then you're going back to where it originated and also soothing the younger part of you that held that old information. Be able to come into the new mindset, the new perspective and release any scarcity or fear around that. So that is that is unusual for some folks. But I know you've done a lot of personal work.

    [00:10:53] You can switch very quickly. You got the trigger. You feel it in your body. You find the spot and it just flushes Right through. that's what I'm hearing you say that you experienced. So I'm glad to hear it's been a useful tool for you that you've been able to let go of things getting in the way of what you want.

    [00:11:09] Lisa Williams: absolutely. It was really interesting. how it all opened up, how it all sort of became this big aha moment. I think that was probably the right thing to say. It became this massive aha moment. This, oh, that's interesting. Wow. Huh. Interest. And so all of those things came about it was incredible how it triggered, I didn't use it per se, but I kind of worked with it because obviously learning neuroscience, you talk about the, the eye accessing cues and everything else.

    [00:11:43] And what was really interesting I used it on a client or very similar, and not really a client in a big audience. And we worked through his own issues with his father he got angry and everything else This works. Oh my God. Now I am not a brain spotting expert, but there was a because of the work that I've done.

    [00:12:03] There's so many different avenues and, techniques that I've worked with. Wow. Wow, everybody needs to do it. Everybody needs to understand it. Because I think they, once they work through it, and I can see the resistance why people would find it hard, because I know in my work, people are so in their head.

    [00:12:22] it's almost like they've got this disconnect from head to body. and I'm like, you're in your head now. Relax, go into the feelings, sometimes I just kind of want to shake them a little bit.

    [00:12:31] But I can understand why it'd be so hard for some people who I call heady, when they're so overthinking, they're in that head space, but I like to work on The ancient medicine wheel where we are, there's four different directions, when we're so in our head, we have to drop into our heart when we're so into spirit, we have to drop into our body, opposite and complimentary, we could go completely this round the medicine wheel.

    [00:12:56] So I feel as though there's elements to it, it's not always going to be easy for people.

    [00:13:01] Cherie Lindberg: Absolutely. I mean, I think folks have their own readiness for healing We all say we want to heal, but it's like, do you really? What does that mean? Leaving a relationship or leaving a job or leaving a friendship?

    [00:13:13] People want the healing, but they don't want to let go of things that are comfortable or familiar. So sometimes it can take a little bit longer for people to work through that and get to acceptance. Your brain made the connections with all those memories and you're like, Oh, that's why I fear it right now because of all these old memories quick.

    [00:13:31] Lisa Williams: Yeah, it really was. And all of a sudden, you went, Are you good?

    [00:13:34] I'm like, Yeah, I'm really good. Everyone needs a brain spotting session with Cherie.

    [00:13:38] Cherie Lindberg: Thank you. So share with me in your career or in your life, because it sounds like your, your mission is to be, to be a psychic, to help people, comfort folks, help with healing, to facilitate healing.

    [00:13:51] When was there like a, a challenge for you? And how did you overcome it?

    [00:13:56] Lisa Williams: I think there's always been a challenge. this work has always become easy for me. the challenge for me has been very much, in the recent years, where I have been cornered so much into mediumship.

    [00:14:08] Because of the TV show, because of what I've known for, because of the books that I've written, I'm cornered. I'm cornered into that niche market. But before I came to America, which was 18 years ago, I trained as a healer. I was, a lifestyle consultant, In today's world, you're a life coach, it was before coaching became big deal.

    [00:14:29] And so I've been doing this work for a very long time. my hardest challenge has been to be accepted outside of the world of psychic mediums. I'm recognized for It just to be pure energy work. And what's interesting is I feel that the psychic, the medium, the healing, the helping people transition into spirit all come as one because it is a healing modality in all sorts.

    [00:14:56] So I think The main encounter that I've overcome is myself, I am always the problem, I start overthinking things, I start believing what people, are saying, never Google yourself, apparently I'm ranked, like, in the top, in the world of the top four psychics, but I'm classed as the nice one,

    [00:15:14] But it's so funny I think we're always the problem. I am always the problem. if I can't connect, I'm the problem. what's happening with my energy? If I can't connect to source, I am the problem. If spirit is not connected, it's always me. so, I have to look at it and say, before I do anything, am I in the right position to do it?

    [00:15:37] Am I in the right energy space? Am I in the right mind space? And then I move forward and I am very rarely without a bloody pendulum or if if not, I muscle test. I have to be in the right space. it's always me. That's my challenge.

    [00:15:53] Cherie Lindberg: I'm hearing almost like, not just connected to self and spirit, but like in a flow space.

    [00:15:59] Lisa Williams: Definitely. it's part of self worth. especially if you come from corporate America, or you've come from a very corporate space. My dad used to say to me, When are you going to get a proper job? People haven't always seen this as a proper job. I've been doing this professionally for 26 years.

    [00:16:17] And so in this work. It's now become very acceptable, the work that we're doing has started to replace certain techniques and therapy modalities, with the amount of work that I have done, I have Got the experience to step into the work.

    [00:16:35] it is being in that flow space. It is understanding that we are valuable. We have value in society. And we're not seen as some cuckoo person on the corner street, crystal ball or we're going to put a curse on you or something.

    [00:16:50] And I think it's very valuable that we start to treat ourselves as seriously that we do have a place in the world.

    [00:16:57] Cherie Lindberg: Beautiful. Well, tell us a little bit about this class that's coming up,

    [00:17:00] Lisa Williams: So one of the things I've always been passionate about is healing. I had a journey, my own little dance with cancer many years ago. And I read the book, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, which was very transformative. then the more I started to step into healing, the more I started to see people healing their life.

    [00:17:19] I was teaching, a course called the Certified Spiritual Advisor course, which incorporates healing, psychic, and medium. And then I noticed as I'm teaching the healing, I was like, there's more to it. There's more to it. What is it? There's more to it. I realized that I was just scratching the surface to any form of healing.

    [00:17:39] And so now I have done a deep dive into ancient healing techniques. And I actually understood this from doing, a plant medicine journey. I'm not ashamed to say I very much open into it, but I did a plant medicine journey I was shown that I needed to heal, but it was more than being a psychic medium.

    [00:18:01] And I was like, how is it going to happen? it's taken about 18 months to come to fruition. And I remember seeing it, and I wasn't sure how it was going to look. But what it was is helping people transition in the space of dying. And if they, because we can't stop people dying.

    [00:18:18] We're always going to have death and taxes. Two things we can't escape, okay? And then when we also have this other part of it. is I'm going to help you heal from either ancestral trauma, lineage, childhood trauma, whatever it might be, emotions, anything that is holding into your body. And then if I can't, I want to help you pass over.

    [00:18:40] So this course, goes into all different ancient healing techniques, all different techniques that I've modernized, or I've come up with a different viewpoint, a different way of looking at putting science behind it, I'm working with a particular, integrative medicine doctor as well. I'm working with a dentist and I'm working with all of these different people to actually bring everybody on this course, some of the most groundbreaking technology and results to actually help the healing. Working with this doctor who's actually ironically coming on the course, and he actually, I was going through the airport.

    [00:19:19] And I was talking about this doctor and someone overheard me he said that that guy saved my life. So we're bringing forward these, powerful people who are going to actually share, not just let's put our hands on people, but these deep techniques to come into full body alignment so that we can get the best out of our health while we're living the life that we want to live.

    [00:19:43] Cherie Lindberg: Oh, wonderful. We will make sure that we have a link to this training in the show notes that people can access

    [00:19:49] Lisa Williams: Fabulous. Thank you.

    [00:19:50] Cherie Lindberg: Very interesting to learn more about it. I'm working with some shamans from Peru as well, wanting to talk about energy, healing, vibrational medicine, these things that like you're saying are cutting edge, and they're very, very real starting to come in, like biofuel science, energy, Reiki, there is scientific evidence, that these all work.

    [00:20:14] Lisa Williams: Yeah, I, I think it's amazing.

    [00:20:16] And there's that, it's a little piece of the world in Peru when , these shamans are working with, with The plants and it's a source that we just ignore and we don't really think about or anything like that. And it's so powerful that we have the opportunity to access this knowledge.

    [00:20:38] And when we sit with the plants, it's amazing what wisdom they give you, and I truly probably could have still be sitting here as a psychic medium in the same old little routine if I hadn't have done the opportunity to have this awareness and this experience to know, hey, it's okay to change my life and I'm going to be okay.

    [00:21:00] And It's been the best thing since I've done it. I love it.

    [00:21:03] Cherie Lindberg: Well, it sounds like you're evolving.

    [00:21:05] Lisa Williams: Yeah, we're all evolving. I mean, look at us.

    [00:21:07] The seasons change. You don't think the trees. evolve as well. They're always growing stronger and moving. it's a powerful thing, especially if we look at nature, all we do is mimic nature.

    [00:21:18] Cherie Lindberg: Well, I want to thank you so much for taking the time to be here today and share about your course and your healing journey

    [00:21:25] So just thank you so much for being here, Lisa.

    [00:21:28] Lisa Williams: Thank you so much. It's been fabulous.